When I was very young I took the vow to live my life devoted to beauty.  I soon discovered that art was a way to capture and explore authenticity using composition, line, shape, color, and anything else that I could employ to tell stories. Whether I am working on landscape, figurative painting, dream images, or pop culture collage, I am mirroring some part of the life in which we are all participating. I am passionate about protecting the land, wildlife, and domestic animals, and through art to give these innocents a voice.  Magazines, newspapers, classic and current literature, poetry, essays, pop culture, music, and film all go into my art.

I use materials found or at hand, whether they be sewing patterns, fabrics, trims, sticks, stones, nails, seed pods, rusty tools, scraps of canvas, bones, old jewelry, typography, magazines, dog collars,  vegetable seeds, as well as traditional paints and pastels, because I firmly believe (having spent a good part of my childhood on a farm) that nothing should go to waste. I am a naturalist at heart and believe our true wealth lies in the land on which we plant our feet and grow our food and that this should be protected above all else.

Pastels and acrylic paints are my most go-to mediums, but I also work in watercolor, encaustic, and collage.   Repetition and pattern are the core of my visual imagery.

“I stood, alone, and the world swayed.
I am a fugitive and a vagabond, a sojourner seeking signs.”

 -Annie Dillard